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The Hunger Tournament start soon !

The Hunger Tournament start soon !

The tournament start in a few hour !

100 euro Cashprize tournament on May 15th

100 euro Cashprize tournament on May 15th

Friday, May 15th, at 21h GMT+0200, the first HungerCraft tournament takes place!

The realm of Praven

Discover Praven, a port city once ruled by the Iron Hand of King Kilvizion who has just been deposed. The best fighters have gathered for a final battle to see who will be the new King to rule them all. Explore the Montalaar Desert, the Sterenis Forest and discover the Mysteries of the Tree of Life. Will you become the new master of the kingdom? Don't wait any longer and join the HungerCraft legend!

The Team

Flapok – Game designer et project lead
Flapok joined the project a few days after Gluton started it. He specializes in game design. He’s also the one leading the project.
Gluton – Server admin and talent seeker
Gluton starts the project in 2017. He specializes in system administration and communication.
KilVizion – Mapper and lore master
Killvizion joins the project 1 month after its beginning. He is the sole mapper of the project. He is also the one who develops the lore.

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« They weren’t always there. The Magi have a story about that. They’ll tell you better than I can, but it’s a legend about a huge metallic sound that came from under the earth, that made these mountains rise out of the ground. They kept growing faster and faster, and when they touched the sky, they pierced the membrane protecting us from the Other World. It is said that the moon is a piece of the mountain that came off during the event and that the stars are holes through which demons observe us. »

High Archivist Aedan – The Sins – 131 AC